# En ISO 9001:2015 & 13485:2016, WHO-GMP & CE Certified Co.

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Medisafe International is well know Anaesthesia manufacturer Co. in india & MSI is an ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 13485-2016, WHO-GMP & CE certified company.

ISO 9001 : 2018 Certificate

ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product. ISO 9000 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems, including the eight management principles upon which the family of standards is based.

Medisafe International (MSI) is ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Certified Company.

Medisafe International
ISO 13485 : 2016 Certificate

ISO 13485-2016 Certificate

ISO 13485 is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard, published in 2003, that represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Medisafe International (MSI) is ISO 13485-2016 Breakthrough Management Quality Registrar (BMQR) Certified Company.

Medisafe International
WHO-Gmp Certificate

WHO-GMP Complaince

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are the practices required in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for manufacture and sale of food, drug products, and active pharmaceutical products. These guidelines provide minimum requirements that a pharmaceutical or a food product manufacturer must meet to assure that the products are of high quality and do not pose any risk to the consumer or public.

Medisafe International (MSI) is WHO-GMP World Health Organisatio-Good Manufacturing Practices Compliance Company.

Medisafe International
CE Certificate

CE Certificate

CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985. The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA. This makes the CE marking recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area.

Medisafe International (MSI) is CE (Conformité Européene) Compliance Company.

Medisafe International

Medisafe International Services

Medisafe International is well know Anaesthesia manufacturer Co. in india & MSI is an ISO 13485 : 2016 & WHO GMP certified company

Anesthesia Products

Medisafe International is the best Anesthesia Products Manufacturer in India. We have qualified & experianced team.

Anesthesia Machines

Medisafe International provides best quality Anesthesia Machines. Our technician helps step by step for running Anaesthesia Machines.

Surgical Eqipments

Medisafe International provides best quality Hospiatal Suregical Equipments. We also provides Dental Eqipments Products like Lyryngoscope etc.

15+ Years Medical Services

Medisafe International is well know Anesthesia manufacturer Co. in india. We provides medical equipments services since more than 15+ Years.

Medisafe International Services

Medisafe International is well know Anaesthesia manufacturer Co. in india & MSI is an ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 13485-2012, WHO-GMP & CE certified company

Silicone Resuscitator

Silicone resuscitator,Ambu Bag,Rubber Ambu Bag for Adult, Child, Infant in three colours Blue, Green, White with 40 times autoclable at 134* C.

Disposable Mask

Anesthesia face Mask Transparent, Oxygen Mask with reservoir Bag, Nebulizer Mask, Venturi Mask with Single/Six Diluters.

Face Mask

Silicone Face Mask, Black Rubber Super Face Mask, Silicone Rendell Baker Face Mask, Antistatic Face Mask.

Anesthsia Accessories

Guedel Airways, Nasopharyngeal Airways, Silicone Head Harness, Teeth Opener, Silicone Ring Pessary.

LMA & Laryngoscope

PVC LMA, Silicone LMA, Laryngoscope Matt Finish for Adult & Child, Fibre Optic Laryngoscope for Adult & Child.

Manual Suction Unit

Vacuume Extractor Bird Type & malmstrom Type, Silicone Cup (Ventouse) Plane & with Release Volve.